Intro Questions

  1. My name is Jade Wang and I'm a junior majoring in Communiation Design with a minor in Computer Science

  2. I really like both graphic design and computer science, and hope to one day work in UI/UX design. This class is a really great combination of both fields and I think that I will learn a lot from it.

  3. Yes, I have experience with HTML and CSS. I took CSE 330 last year, and we used both languages pretty often. I have also used it in my own personal projects.

  4. I hope to learn how to be more creative when working with the web format.

  5. I think that designing for screen will be different in that the designer will have to consider the experience of scrolling and spacing of content. With print, the viewer can see the entire design in front of them, but on the screen, designers can get creative with spacing content out and allowing users to scroll.

  6. The Apple website exemplifies effective design, especially the pages for product launches. As you scroll, the animations are extremely engaging and look beautiful, compelling viewers to scroll further. The vivid colors contrasted against the white background of the page make their product stand out, and the site definitely does its job of making their products seem great.

  7. The New York Times exemplifies effective communication. As a news source, there is a ton of information that needs to be communicated in a way that keeps the reader engaged. I think that the very simple design and bolded text does a great job of organizing the information so that the reader is never overwhelmed, and can easily skim the site and quickly get the most important information.

  8. Twitter is a website that I think works very well. I like that Twitter has made use of the width of a computer screen, by moving the navigation bar to the left side rather than keep it at the top, where it's usually found. The right side is trending topics, which is seen easily and stays on the screen, even as you scroll through your feed. I think that this makes the content on Twitter very accessible, and also fills the screen well.